Quest Career Services, LLC Launches New Outplacement Offering to Better Serve Client Needs

Quest Career Services, LLC launches its Platinum Plus Extended outplacement package, a six-month outplacement package providing one-on-one time with a Career Transition Consultant. 

Quest Career Services, LLC launches its Platinum Plus Extended outplacement package to expand its outplacement offerings to include a six-month package option.  “All of our existing outplacement packages offer three months of support and include one-on-one time with a Career Transition Consultant.  We wanted to offer an outplacement package that includes that same one-on-one support, but extends that support over a six-month period of time,” said Ann Hackett of Quest Career Services. 

“We feel the Platinum Plus Extended outplacement package would be ideal for employers to offer displaced employees at higher levels of responsibility who will need more time to secure a comparable new position, who would prefer one-on-one support instead of a group seminar approach, and who would benefit from having their resume and cover letter written for them,” states Hackett.  “The Platinum Plus Extended outplacement package is priced at $1,585 (USD) per displaced employee.  Other outplacement packages, all offering one-on-one time with a Career Transition Consultant, are available starting at $596 (USD) per displaced employee.”

The Platinum Plus Extended Outplacement Package features:

  • 6 months of career transition support consisting of 12 total hours of one-on-one telephone consultation time with a Career Transition Consultation covering any aspect of the job search process where the displaced employee needs support including Internet job search techniques, interviewing, thank you letters, and salary negotiations.
  • A 24/7 accessible web-based career assessment tool.  The displaced employee receives a 30-page personalized report that covers such areas as motivational traits, 10 top job areas to pursue, vocational analysis, personal analysis and learning styles.
  • Access to an interactive program allowing the displaced employee to see how their motivations match the job profile for a particular job of interest
  • A 1 hour one-on-one telephone consultation to review career assessment results
  • A resume written by a professional resume writer
  • An ASCII version of the resume needed for posting the resume online
  • A cover letter written to highlight the displaced employee's strengths
  • Resume posting to 4 online career sites
  • Electronic resume distribution to a database of 10,000 executive recruiters
  • Use of e-mail and telephone consultations to work with displaced workers located throughout the country

 Cost: $1,585 USD per displaced employee

 About Quest Career Services, LLC:

Quest Career Services, LLC is a privately held provider of outplacement and resume writing services.  Since 1999, Quest Career Services has helped job seekers throughout the world successfully manage career transitions.  Quest Career Services provides one-on-one outplacement services at a price point below many group seminar outplacement options, enabling employers to make the benefits of personalized career transition services available to all displaced employees within their organization rather than limiting availability to the executive level.  Quest Career Services is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  For more information, visit


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