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We offer affordable outplacement programs starting at $995 per separated employee

We're a nationwide established outplacement firm with over 20 years of experience

Your employees receive personalized attention from our Career Transition Consultants

We provide 24/7 online job search tools that can be accessed from anywhere

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The number of responses I received during my job search increased 3 times since I started sending out my new resume and now I have received an offer for employment. Thanks again.

S.M., Quality Engineer

The resume you put together for me was fantastic. Within the first two weeks, I had over 10 inquiries which resulted in 6 interviews.

C.S., Q.A. Analyst

My career consultant at Quest helped me understand myself, my motivations, and how to communicate and emphasize these skills to a prospective employer.

Kevin F., Product Manager

The testimonials, statements, and opinions presented on our website are applicable to the individuals depicted. Results will vary and may not be representative of the experience of others.

What Should You Be Getting with Career Outplacement Services?

Here’s what you can (and should) expect an outplacement provider to offer your separated workers:

  • Professional resume and cover-letter writing
  • Personal, one-on-one career transition consultations
  • Help with establishing an online presence for job searches
  • Optimization of resumes for automated resume screening processes
  • Online resume and cover letter posting
  • Personalized salary reports
  • Individual outplacement support (as opposed to group seminars)
  • 24/7 remote support done online

With Quest Outplacement, your impacted workers will receive all of the outplacement services listed above and more. If your company is facing layoffs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our outplacement services will ensure that your impacted workers can make successful and smooth career transitions after a layoff.

Sometimes an outplacement firm will provide your impacted workers with office space and equipment for job searches. Although useful in some ways, these provisions are considered old school and unnecessary.

The truth is, most of the job searching process (and hiring process) today is done completely online.

Modern outplacement companies now focus more on the internet side of the job search. The best outplacement services will offer personal, one-on-one career coaching to your impacted workers in lieu of office space and equipment.

It’s important to look into exactly what services an outplacement provider offers before entering into a contract with them.

What Do Outplacement Services Cost?

It is surprisingly difficult to find accurate information on how much outplacement services cost. Most companies refuse to publish their prices online. It is their intent to haggle with you about the cost of outplacement, like a car dealer. In an urgent situation, such as the one we face during the COVID-19 crisis, this dishonest approach can result in you being severely taken advantage of.

Quest Outplacement is different. We are transparent and upfront about how much our outplacement services cost. Our programs range from $995 to $2,495 per displaced employee and range in duration from 3 to 6 months. We will never haggle with you on pricing, and your company will only be charged for those individuals who elect to utilize outplacement. If an individual does not utilize outplacement, your company will not be charged for that individual.

Did You Know?

A study from The Journal of Employment Counseling found that displaced workers who receive higher level outplacement services after a layoff are significantly more likely to be reemployed by program completion.

Most employers include outplacement services in their severance packages. To see exactly how outplacement services will help your impacted employees, get our comparison chart with features and pricing:

Challenges Facing Job Seekers

The Haldane method of identifying skills, strengths, and interests hasn’t changed.

But it has become modernized.

Automated resume screenings now look for specialized workers, and they quickly eliminate those who don’t fit the bill.

In many cases, a job seeker’s resume isn’t even looked at by a human before it’s eliminated from the pile.

Moreover, the internet has removed the job seeker’s need for office space and equipment. Now, the advantage goes to the job seeker who receives personal, one-on-one career coaching assistance over the internet.

Job seekers who aren’t prepared for automated screenings—or who don’t receive the benefits of one-on-one career consulting—tend to suffer the most from layoffs.

Did You Know?

A study from The Journal of Employment Counseling found that the longer outplacement services are provided after a layoff, the more likely a job seeker’s new salary will be higher than their past salary.

To be in line with standard practices, your company should include outplacement services in its severance packages. To learn how much these services will cost for your company, see our comparison chart with pricing info:

Career Transition Support Approach – The Old vs The New

Outplacement services in the past provided job seekers with office space, computers, telephones, printers, and other equipment to assist them in their job searches.

Group seminars also played a vital role in the older outplacement assistance process.

But things have changed….

Now that most job searches are done online, outplacement services have shifted away from providing office space and group consultations. They now focus on online support and personal career consultations. The best outplacement companies also provide specialized resume-building services. Not all firms are able to do this though, and some lower-end firms will make job seekers write their own resumes.

To give displaced workers maximum value and support, outplacement firms must constantly adapt to modern job search and hiring processes.

Moving Forward with Our Outplacement Programs for Your Separated Employees

1. Get Brochure and Pricing. Email Quest to request brochure and comparison chart with pricing information to learn more about each of our outplacement programs.

2. Ask Questions. After reading the brochure, call or email us to ask any follow-up questions or for additional information you need to help you make a decision.

3. Choose Quest. Select Quest Outplacement as your outplacement provider.

4. Review Program Options. Review our comparison chart to determine which outplacement program you plan to offer.

5. Let Us Know. Email or call your Quest representative to inform them that you would like to offer outplacement services, and let them know which program you plan to offer.

6. Sign Documents. Review and sign the contract documents that are emailed to you, and email them back to Quest.

7. Review Notification Letter. Review the letter for the outplacement program you selected that was emailed to you. This letter is on our letterhead, summarizes the outplacement services a downsized employee is eligible to receive, and tells the individual how to move forward with outplacement, but does not include pricing info.

8. Personalized Letter. At your discretion, personalize and include this letter in your severance or separation agreements with impacted employees.

9. Complete Intake Form. After you inform impacted employees, complete the Customer Intake Form that you were emailed. Provide on that form your billing info, contact info for the impacted employees, the date we can reach out to them by letter and email, and the outplacement programs they are entitled to receive.

10. Process Invoices. Review and process invoices for impacted employees who register for outplacement online.

Get Outplacement Services Cost Chart With Pricing Info

Quest Outplacement is transparent and consistent about the price of outplacement services. Get a comparison chart with complete info on outplacement programs and prices:

Our Approach to Career Transition Support

We are an established outplacement firm that has specialized in providing affordable employee outplacement services for over 20 years.

At Quest Outplacement, we have developed a hybrid approach to outplacement assistance that combines elements of conventional brick-and-mortal outplacement agencies like Drake Beam Morin (DBM) and Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH) such as one-on-one support with virtual tools. Our approach enables us to provide outplacement services that include one-on-one support, but are typically more affordable that those offered by traditional higher-overhead outplacement agencies like DBM and LHH outplacement.

We offer 4 outplacement services programs starting at $995 USD per displaced employee.

New Outplacement Programs Options — Introducing the DiscoveryQuest™ Career Mapping Process

We are excited to introduce two new outplacement options—the DiscoveryQuest 3 program and the DiscoveryQuest 6 program—to better address the outplacement needs of professionals, managers, and executives.

The DiscoveryQuest 3 program is recommended for managers and professionals. The DiscoveryQuest 6 program is recommended for directors, VPs, and C-Suite executives. Both programs feature our new DiscoveryQuest™ Career Mapping Process, a comprehensive process that incorporates a high-touch personalized approach to outplacement which includes:

  • In-depth review of a jobseeker’s existing resume as well as their responses to questions about their target position
  • A phone call with a Career Transition Consultant to discuss career goals and determine a career strategy plan
  • Development of a personalized discovery document that includes follow-up questions customized to the jobseeker’s specific target position and the specific type of positions they’ve held (instead of a general questionnaire)
  • Creation of a custom resume that includes new content gained from the DiscoveryQuest™ process

The Outplacement Programs Comparison Chart provides more details about these programs and our DiscoveryQuest™ Career Mapping Process.

The Platinum and Platinum Plus 3 programs, two outplacement program options that don’t include the full DiscoveryQuest™ process, will continue to be available. The Platinum program is recommended for hourly employees, whereas the Platinum Plus 3 program is recommended for salaried individual contributors.

Please note that all of our outplacement programs include resume creation, instead of providing a lower value service such as a resume builder tool for the job seeker to create their resume, resume feedback, or a resume critique. Our outplacement programs typically offer more comprehensive services, often at a price point below the competition.

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