Affordable Nationwide Outplacement Services

We provide your organization with the means to offer effective, affordable employee outplacement services from an outplacement firm with over 20 years of experience.

About us

We are an established outplacement firm that has specialized in providing affordable nationwide outplacement services for over 20 years.

Affordable options

We offer 4 outplacement services programs starting at $995 USD per displaced employee.

Personalized approach

We provide each displaced employee with the personalized attention and support they need, including one-on-one time with a Career Transition Consultant

Outplacement Assistance - Our Personalized Approach

At Quest Outplacement, our approach to employee outplacement services is based on the belief that we can best serve an outplaced employee by truly understanding their unique situation. With each of our outplacement programs, an outplaced employee receives one-on-one time with a Career Transition Consultant.

Employee Outplacement Needs Have Changed

Today's displaced employee is likely to have a home computer with Internet access. They no longer need an outplacement firm to provide them with office space and access to office equipment. 

Rather than providing office space and equipment, we focus on providing your downsized employee with what they really need – personalized one-on-one consultation time, a minimum of 3 months of support, an effective resume written by a professional resume writer, LinkedIn Profile support, a cover letter to highlight their strengths, resume posting to the top online job sites, an online career assessment tool to provide career direction, a personalized salary report to aid them in salary negotiations, and access to a 24/7 online career portal.

Affordable Outplacement Services Options

We offer 4 outplacement services programs starting at $995 USD per displaced employee. To learn more about the outplacement services programs we offer, including pricing, simply request our outplacement brochure be sent to you via e-mail:

How much will outplacement cost for your company?

Get a copy of our outplacement brochure and see the exact pricing and features for each of our programs.


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