About Quest Outplacement

For over 20 years, Quest Outplacement has worked with employers to help their downsized employees throughout North America successfully manage career transitions due to a RIF or layoff.

We contract with public and private companies as well as non-profit organizations and educational institutions to provide outplacement services for all types of downsized employees, including executive-level employees.

Affordable Outplacement

Quest Outplacement provides individual, one-on-one outplacement services at a price point below many group seminar outplacement options, enabling employers to make the benefits of personalized career transition services available to all displaced employees within their organization rather than limiting availability to the executive level.

In terms of outplacement costs:

  • There is no minimum number of impacted employees required (can be as few as one)

  • Your organization will only be charged for impacted individuals that elect to utilize outplacement

  • If an individual does not elect outplacement, there is no charge to your organization regarding that individual

  • You aren’t contractually bound to an exclusive arrangement with us for any period of time

Who We Work With

We work with all types of displaced employees, including executive-level employees, Directors of Operations, Sales Managers, Sales Representatives, Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers, Plant Managers, Project Managers, IT Directors, Software Engineers, Network Administrators, Consultants, Construction Project Managers, Auditors, Accounting Specialists, production personnel and administrative support staff.

Outplacement Programs

We offer four Outplacement Programs to for you to provide outplacement benefits to all levels of separating employees.  Each program includes one-on-one outplacement support.

Request Our Outplacement Brochure

To request a brochure detailing the outplacement services we offer including pricing information, send us an e-mail:

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Employers: Request a review copy of our Job Search Guidebook included in all our outplacement programs be sent to you via e-mail by e-mailing us at guidebook@questoutplacement.com

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