Outplacement Services Agreement Process

How quickly can Quest outplacement programs be implemented?

Outplacement Process

Once we have a jointly executed Outplacement Services Agreement in place with your organization, we can execute quickly. 

After notifying impacted employees, email us a completed Outplacement Customer Intake Form, using this form to provide your organization’s billing information, contact information for the impacted employees, the date we are able to reach out to them, and the outplacement program they are entitled to receive. 

We would follow up with these employees 1-3 days after receipt of the Intake Form. We would follow up by mail, and, if provided to us, by email. The quickest method for reaching impacted employees regarding outplacement is via email. Reaching out to an impacted employee by email also makes it easier for the them to elect outplacement, since we can embed a button that they simply click to be taken to our online registration page.

Once an impacted employee has elected outplacement by registering online, we will follow up with them regarding next steps. 

Your organization will be charged when an impacted individual elects outplacement. If they don’t elect outplacement, there is no charge to your organization for that individual. 

Outplacement Notification Letter

If you do elect to work with us, we can email you a master copy of a notification letter for the outplacement program you plan to offer.  This notification letter is on our letterhead and summarizes the outplacement services a downsized employee is eligible to receive, but does not include pricing information. It also includes information on how the individual can move forward with the outplacement process. If you like, you can include this notification letter as part of a downsized employee’s separation agreement.

You would need to let us know which outplacement program you planned to offer for us to forward you the proper notification letter.

Outplacement Costs

We offer 4 outplacement programs with outplacement costs starting at $995.

In terms of outplacement costs:

  • There is no minimum number of impacted employees required (can be as few as one)
  • Your organization will only be charged for exiting employees that elect to utilize outplacement
  • If an existing employee does not elect outplacement, there is no charge to your organization regarding that employee
  • Your organization isn’t contractually bound to an exclusive agreement with us for any period of time

Steps to Outplacement Onboarding

  1. A signed Outplacement Services Agreement
  2. A signed Exhibit A detailing outplacement programs and pricing
  3. After you have notified the impacted employees, a completed Customer Intake Form that provides:
    1. Your company’s billing address and point of contact for invoices
    2. A list of impacted employees that includes:
      • The outplacement program you have selected for each
      • Their contact information (mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address)
      • The date each impacted employee can be contacted by us

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Brochure with exact prices and features of outplacement


How much will outplacement cost for your company?

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