Increase Your Changes of Being Contacted by an Executive Recruiter


Forward Your Resume to Executive Recruiters

One avenue you should consider exploring to find a new position is working with executive recruiters.

Executive recruiters typically specialize in some way – by industry or job function or both – and by geographic location.

Executive recruiting firms have recruiters that can further specialize within the firm’s specific industry or job function focus. 

A firm could have recruiters that handle placing candidates in sales positions, and different recruiters that place engineers.

For guidance on how to develop a list of recruiters, go here:

How to Build a List of Executive Recruiters to Contact

After you have developed a list of recruiters that focus on your target position in your target industry and geography, and created your recruiter cover letter, email your resume and recruiter cover letter as Word document attachments to your list of recruiters.

For help with creating an executive recruiter cover letter, go here:

Executive Recruiter Cover Letter Example

With this approach to reaching recruiters, you won’t be applying for a specific opening.

Your goal here is to make headhunters aware of you should there be a need, much in the same way companies use direct mail to promote their products and services to potential customers.

This proactive approach of reaching out to executive recruiters will increase your odds of being contacted over an approach that relies solely on a recruiter finding you.

Since you aren’t applying to a specific job posting with this approach, you will likely not hear back from many of the recruiters you contact, and if you do, it will be an introductory call to learn more about you.

Your goal with this initial email outreach to executive recruiters is to be added to their candidate database so that you can be considered as a candidate for future job opportunities that they are trying to fill.

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