How did job seekers find their last job?


One of the things Quest emphasizes to job seekers is that they must expand their approach to landing desired positions.

A mountain of statistics are available which show that employers and recruiters use a variety of methods to fill open positions—not just one thing.

The following infographic illustrates for you how important it is to take a comprehensive approach to your job search.


What does this mean for you and your job search?

The main point to take away from the research is that you don’t want to rely exclusively on any one method to find your next job.

Since employers rely on a variety of methods to source candidates for opening positions, and since each employee has their preferred method, it’s impossible for you to know upfront how a potential employer will source candidates for a particular position you are interested in pursuing.

Your best approach is to initially cover all your bases, and then adjust the time you spend with each method based on your success with that particular method.

To determine which method has been the most successful for you in your job search, you need to have a process in place to track each job opportunity you apply for and your success at reaching each of the following steps in the job search process through that method.

We’ve created a Job Search Tracking Sheet to help you track each position you apply for throughout your job search.

To download this Job Search Tracking Sheet in the form of a Word file, click on the following link:

Download Job Search Tracking Sheet

After you’ve clicked on the link, the download for the Job Search Tracking Sheet should begin automatically.

If the download does not begin automatically, but instead the file opens
in a popup box, then you should save the file to your computer as you
would any other Word document.

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