How do I reach out to executive recruiters?


As a first step to working with executives recruiters, you’ll want to build a list of recruiters to reach out to by submitting your resume to them unsolicited.

Your goal with this approach is to have your resume added to their candidate database. 

If they have an immediate need for a candidate like you for a current search they are conducting for a client company, they will reach out to you.

If they don’t have an immediate need for a candidate like you for any of the searches they are currently working on, you will be added to their database to be searchable when they have new position requisitions to fill for clients.

The approach you’ll be using is essentially the same approach used by companies that send you direct mail marketing their products and services.

Instead of mailing your resume and cover letter to recruiters, you can email them.

Use your cover letter as the text for the body of your email.  To ensure that your resume can be imported properly into a recruiter’s database of candidates, submit it as a Word document attachment rather than a PDF.

To built your list of recruiters, go to your local library and find The Directory of Executive Recruiters by Kennedy Information.

Your library will likely have a print edition of the directory available for review in its reference section.

Ask the reference librarian whether the library also has access to an online version of this directory.

Providing details on over 19,000 recruiters including contact information, this directory is considered the most comprehensive resource for identifying recruiters.

The directory provides information about recruiting firms in these formats:

  • Job Functions (type of job)
  • 120+ Industries (type of company)
  • Geographical (city and state)
  • Retained Firms
  • A-Z Listings

You can also use online resources like Search Firm to build a list of appropriate recruiters that place candidates with your background in your target geography.

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