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More stress is the last thing you need during layoffs. With Quest, your separated employees will be better prepared to conquer the Los Angeles job market. And your company will save money while protecting its reputation in the process.


If you’re ready to start managing layoffs – and see your impacted workers land on their feet – here’s how easy it is with Quest on your side:

Outplacement Services in Los Angeles: Getting Your Separated Employees Back on the Path to Success

The key to providing a displaced employee with effective outplacement services is to increase the employee’s marketability for his or her next desired position in the city of Los Angeles. The job seeker’s future marketability is at the heart of our career mapping process. This is why we’ve developed and perfected a system for creating highly targeted resumes for job seekers and helping them land new desired positions.

Outplacement Needs Have Changed

Today’s downsized employee is likely to have a home computer with Internet access. They no longer need a traditional outplacement firm that provides them with office space and access to office equipment. 

We work with downsized employees located in Los Angeles, providing outplacement services virtually or remotely using a combination of one-on-one career coaching sessions and web-based online tools. 

Rather than providing office space and equipment, we focus on providing your downsized employee with what they really need: 

  • Individual Outplacement (not group seminar outplacement)
  • An effective means to establish an online presence with the Big 3 in job search – LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster
  • DiscoveryQuest™ Career Mapping Process (featured in our DiscoveryQuest™ outplacement programs) which includes:
    • In-depth review of a jobseeker’s existing resume as well as their responses to questions about their target position
    • A phone call with a Career Transition Consultant to discuss career goals and determine a career strategy plan
    • Development of a personalized discovery document that includes follow-up questions customized to the jobseeker’s specific target position and the specific type of positions they have held (instead of a general resume questionnaire)
    • Creation of a custom resume that includes new content gained from the DiscoveryQuest process  (1 version of a resume)
  • Creation of a resume using a general resume questionnaire (we create 1 version of a resume instead of providing a lower value service such as a resume critique, resume feedback, or a resume builder tool for the job seeker to create a resume)
  • LinkedIn profile support to enable the job seeker to be found by executive recruiters on LinkedIn, the number one source used by over 90% of recruiters to find candidates. Conversion of resume content to a LinkedIn formatted template for the job seeker to copy and paste the content into their LinkedIn profile.
  • Resume posting to CareerBuilder, the site powering over 90% of the Fortune 500 company job boards
  • A 24/7 accessible web-based career assessment tool
  • A fully customized Personal Salary Report to use in salary negotiations
  • A cover letter written to highlight the displaced employee’s strengths (1 version of a cover letter)
  • An ASCII version of the resume needed for posting the resume online
  • Resume posting to 2 job sites – Monster and Indeed
  • 24/7 access to the Quest for Success™ Online Career Portal
  • Quest for Success™ Job Search Guidebook containing job search how-tos and examples
  • One-on-one time with a Career Transition Consultant covering any aspect of the job search process

Our Los Angeles outplacement programs are often more affordable than other options while providing more comprehensive services than shorter term programs, programs that don’t include one-on-one career coaching time, one- or two-day group seminar programs, and strictly self-directed online options.

An Affordable Option for Los Angeles Outplacement Services

If you are looking for a Los Angeles outplacement option that is typically more affordable than outplacement services offered by conventional agencies like Right Management, DBM and LHH, we offer 4 programs starting at $995 USD per displaced employee – all of which include one-on-one support.

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