How can I maximize the number of quality job opportunities that I can target in my job search?


Here is an action plan to help you maximize the number of job opportunities you can target in your job search:

  • Post your resume to the ‘Big 3’ in job search: Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn. Also post your resume to, the site powering over 90% of the Fortune 500 company job boards.
  • Post your resume to your college or university’s alumni job search site.
  • Post your resume on relevant industry and professional association websites, using sources like CareerOneStop to identify appropriate associations.
  • Utilize your local newspaper’s website to locate job opportunities.
  • Consider pursuing job opportunities with the federal government.
  • Consider pursuing nonprofit job opportunities.
  • Use to locate job opportunities with smaller companies that will use this resource due to its affordability.
  • Use Google to identify niche job sites focused on your functional area or industry.
  • Work with executive recruiters.
  • Identify companies to target in your job search, utilizing sources like Hoover’s to build a list of target companies.
  • Network with friends, family, neighbors, former coworkers, industry contacts, and vendors to identify job opportunities.
  • Attend industry and professional association meetings to network.


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