How can I maximize the number of quality job opportunities that I can target?


A big part of being successful in your job search is recognizing that job search success is essentially a numbers game that requires discipline along with a plan of action.

Waiting to hear back from an employer regarding the “perfect” opportunity you found before you apply for other jobs will likely lengthen your job search. Funding for filling that position could be pulled, there could be an internal candidate that has an inside track for the position, or the salary for the position may not be acceptable to you. 

Since there are so many unknowns that are outside your control regarding a particular job opportunity, your best course of action is to maximize the number of quality opportunities you pursue. This approach will reduce the length of time it takes you to find a new job opportunity.

Here is an action plan to help you maximize the number of job opportunities you can target in your job search:

  • Post your resume to the ‘Big 3’ in job search: Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn. Also post your resume to, the site powering over 90% of the Fortune 500 company job boards.
  • Post your resume to your college or university’s alumni job search site.
  • Post your resume on relevant industry and professional association websites, using sources like CareerOneStop to identify appropriate associations.
  • Utilize your local newspaper’s website to locate job opportunities.
  • Consider pursuing job opportunities with the federal government.
  • Consider pursuing nonprofit job opportunities.
  • Use to locate job opportunities with smaller companies that will use this resource due to its affordability.
  • Use Google to identify niche job sites focused on your functional area or industry.
  • Work with executive recruiters.
  • Identify companies to target in your job search, utilizing sources like Hoover’s to build a list of target companies.
  • Network with friends, family, neighbors, former coworkers, industry contacts, and vendors to identify job opportunities.
  • Attend industry and professional association meetings to network.

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