Outplacement Services Onboarding: How to Get Started

We’ve made it quick and easy for you to move forward with providing outplacement services to your exiting employees, whether they are separating due to RIF, layoff, or a furlough.

Here are steps to take to move forward with providing career transition support:

  • Request our outplacement services brochure which details each of Quest’s 4 outplacement programs along with a outplacement cost comparison chart
  • Call or email us to ask us any questions you may have regarding our services, or request additional information
  • Compare our hybrid approach of offering personalized one-on-one career coaching time in combination with online outplacement support to that of other outplacement firms, and select Quest Outplacement as your provider
  • Review the services included in each of our 4 outplacement programs, and select the program you will offer
  • Contact us to have us forward you our contract documents
  • Review and electronically sign the contract documents
  • Include the employee notification letter we provided you for the outplacement program you selected as part of each employee’s severance package agreement
  • Complete and return to us our Outplacement Customer Intake Form with your organization’s billing information, a list of impacted employees, the outplacement program each employee is entitled to receive, their contact information, and the date we can reach out to them regarding outplacement
  • If an employee elects outplacement, we will invoice you for that employee
  • If an employee declines outplacement, there is no cost to you for offering our services to that employee

The infographic below takes you through the steps for moving forward with outplacement.

Outplacement Services Onboarding Process


Get a Brochure with Pricing Info

We are transparent and consistent about how much our outplacement services cost. Request a brochure with complete info on our outplacement programs and prices:


Brochure with exact prices and features of outplacement


How much will outplacement cost for your company?

Get a copy of our outplacement brochure and see the exact pricing and features for each of our programs.