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“Hello, I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the great job you did on my resume. The number of responses I received during my job search increased 3 times since I started sending out my new resume and now I have received an offer for employment. Thanks again.”
– S.M., Quality Engineer

“I have been very happy with both the review and the rewrite of my resume. Factually, I posted the new targeted version on several Internet sites as soon as I received it and my ‘hits’ went up dramatically that day on all the sites and have stayed up. I received one call the first evening and have received several other calls since.”
(Accepted a position with a 30% pay increase.)
– Greg M., Distribution Manager

“It should be noted that the resume you put together for me was fantastic. Within the first two weeks, I had over 10 inquiries which resulted in 6 interviews. Not only were the perspective employers impressed, but colleagues were very impressed. So do not be surprised if you get a few calls regarding your resume service. It has made a real difference in my life and future.”
– C.S., Q.A. Analyst

“I have appreciated all the help you have given me, both in rewriting my resume and in general career advice. I realize that you don’t have to provide additional service beyond what I originally paid for, but doing so has put you on the top of my list to recommend to other friends in need of career services.”
– J.B., IT Consultant

“Just a note of thanks for a really terrific looking resume and cover letter. I ‘m sure it’s going to be quite an aid to getting me
‘in the door.'”
– M.N., New York

“All is as well as can be expected, thank you for the sentiment. I hope all is going well with you too. If the cover letter and resume are any sort of measure, you should be doing very well for yourself. Thank you very much for the outstanding job on both my cover letter and resume. This is far better than I could have done for myself. Now let’s see what sort of results I get. 😉 I don’t see any obvious changes to be made, but may “tweak” it a bit, depending on the situation. Thank you again for your work. I’ll definitely be recommending you to my friends.”
– B.B., Account Manager

“Quest’s services were top-notch. My previous resume was improved much more than I thought was possible. Not only the content was improved, it now looks more professional too. I’d recommend Quest to anyone who wants their resume to put them in the best possible light.”
– K.T., Channel Marketing Manager

“Quest was quick to reply, quick to get on the job and quick to respond to my comments. Considering how difficult it can be to stay objective about presenting yourself to the business world, Quest offers a very reasonable and much needed service.”
– Carol S., V.P. of Marketing

“I was very happy with Quest’s resume marketability critique service. Quest took what I thought was a good resume and helped me make it more complete, thorough and ultimately, a better reflection of my skills and experiences.”
– Jeffrey M., Sales Manager

“Again, thank you for having helped me. It was of great help, not only just enhancing my resume, it was also good chance to define my experience.”
– M.T., Systems Analyst

“I was out of the job market for quite some time and I needed help in learning how to be competitive in the marketplace again. My career consultant at Quest helped me understand myself, my motivations, and how to communicate and emphasize these skills to a prospective employer. Quest helped me develop focused marketing tools (resume & cover letter) to attract employers offering the types of positions I really wanted. In a six week period I had 5 in-person interviews, 4 telephone interviews, several informal telephone inquiries, and a job offer that I accepted. Quest worked for me!!”
– Kevin F., Product Manager

“I’m very impressed with your work. Your questions all along were very thoughtful, so I had a feeling you were really going to pull some depth and direction to my experiences. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate this change and look forward to the responses I get from this.”
– Y.E., Senior V.P. of Marketing

“Quest gave me the tools I needed to present my qualifications professionally in my resume and in interviews. My career consultant helped me position myself successfully to major Fortune 500 companies that I never would have been comfortable approaching on my own. Quest enabled me to find a career path that suited me.”
– Julie M., Marketing Analyst

“My career consultant opened new doors for me by showing me that I was qualified for many interesting jobs that I would not have applied for otherwise. Quest’s services are effective. Working with a Quest career consultant improved my interviewing skills, increased my confidence and resulted in excellent job offers.”
– Ann M., Policy Analyst

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