Beginning Your Job Search

Quest Outplacement is a nationwide provider of one-on-one outplacement services that helps exiting employees with their job search.

In response to career transitions brought about by covid-19, we have made our Job Search 101 Guide available to help all job seekers effectively navigate career transitions. 

In This Section of the Job Search 101 Guide

In this section of our Guide, we cover how long your job search will take, how job seekers found their last job, how to maximize the number of job opportunities you can target, how to best utilize job posting sites, how to use LinkedIn in your job search, how to find federal government jobs, and how to find nonprofit positions.

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Here's How Long Your Job Search Will Take

Wondering how long it will take to find a new job? Here are some factors that could either shorten or lengthen your job search.


Here's How Most Job Seekers Found Their Last Job

Ever wonder how job seekers are finding new jobs? Here are the stats on how most job seekers found their last job.


Maximize the Number of Quality Job Opportunities You Target

Here’s how you can maximize the number of quality job opportunities that you can target in your job search.


How to best utilize job posting sites in your job search

Here’s how to best utilize Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, and other job posting sites in your job search.


How to best utilize LinkedIn in your job search

Here’s how you can help employers and recruiters find you on LinkedIn.


How to use Indeed in your job search

Think of Indeed as a Google-like search engine, but a search engine that only lists job postings it gathers from multiple sources.


How to find job opportunities with the federal government

Here’s a suggested process to follow when you’re applying for a job with the federal government.


Where to find nonprofit job opportunities

Here are some useful resources to help you find nonprofit job opportunities.


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How much will outplacement cost for your company?

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