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We are an outplacement firm that provides outplacement services to employers nationwide to help their exiting employees with their job search.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on career transitions, we are making our Job Search 101 Guide available online to all job seekers.

We have developed resources to support you with all aspects of your job search from creating your resume and cover letter to finding job opportunities, researching your desired salary, developing your LinkedIn profile, working with executive recruiters, requesting references and letters of recommendation, tracking your job search progress, preparing for an interview, and crafting an interview thank you letter.

We invite you to explore the useful job search resources given below as well as our Job Search 101 Guide.


If you are faced with a situation where you need to separate employees due to a layoff or RIF, we hope you will consider Quest Outplacement as your outplacement provider.

We offer 4 different outplacement program options to meet your needs in terms of your budget and the level of the separated employees within your organization.

Our outplacement programs are provided using a hybrid approach that combines one-on-one time with a career coach and web-based online tools.

In terms of outplacement costs:

  • There is no minimum number of impacted employees required (can be as few as one)
  • Your organization is only charged for impacted employees that elect to utilize outplacement.
  • There is no cost to the employer for those that you offer outplacement who decline outplacement services.
  • You aren’t contractually bound to an exclusive agreement with us for any period of time
To view a single-page chart that provides a quick comparison of the services included in each of our 4 outplacement programs along with pricing information, go to:

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Brochure with exact prices and features of outplacement


How much will outplacement cost for your company?

Get a copy of our outplacement brochure and see the exact pricing and features for each of our programs.