Resume Format Examples

What is best format to use for a resume?

The resume format of a reverse chronological resume differs depending on whether you are a recent college graduate, an IT or software professional, or an experienced professional outside of the IT or software fields. 

Resume Format Examples

Resume Format - Experienced Professional

The resume format of a chronological resume for an experienced professional outside the IT or software field is:

  1. Your Contact Information
  2. Objective
  3. Professional Summary
  4. Work Experience in Reverse Chronological Order
  5. Skills
  6. Education

Resume Example - Experienced Professional

123 Any Street
Any City, Any State 12345


To obtain a position as a Distribution Manager that utilizes my 7 years of distribution and logistics management experience, my experience founding and managing a small business, and my bachelor’s degree in business administration.


Experience with successfully managing all aspects of a large distribution center including implementing automated distribution systems; selecting, managing and training staff; developing and managing the departmental budget; establishing and monitoring productivity goals; and leading cross-functional teams on key projects.  Have designed the layout, organization, processes, and procedures for a distribution facility.  Proven leadership skills gained from managing a large distribution center as well as founding and managing a multi-million dollar business.


General Manager, Distribution 
ABC Companies, Any City, Any State, 2018 – Present.  

  • Reporting to the Executive Vice President of Operations, responsible for managing all aspects of operations for a 270,000 SF distribution center with a 94-person staff and a $3.4 million budget.
  • Processed 8 million units annually while managing 5,700 SKUs to supply appropriate product to over 500 different locations during off-peak times and 750 locations during peak times.
  • Developed operating budget for Distribution Center based on detailed forecasts and managed Distribution Center to operate effectively within the operating budget.
  • Reduced Distribution Center expenses by more than $1.5 million, a 30% reduction, over a 2-year period while maintaining productivity levels, service quality, and inventory accuracy.
  • Designed an employee productivity improvement incentive program that resulted in a 28% increase in productivity.
  • Developed a seasonal staffing program that eliminated the need for temporary labor resulting in a $500,000 savings.
  • Directed the successful start-up of a new distribution facility achieving within the first quarter of operation a distribution volume that exceeded plan by over 200%.
  • Selected and implemented a warehouse management software system, trained users, and developed procedures to integrate the computerized system.
  • Led cross-functional team integrating the distribution system with a new database merchandising system.
  • Redesigned receiving and picking operations to incorporate an automated system completing the project on time and under budget.



Founder and President
XYZ, Inc., Any City, Any State, 2012 – 2017.

  • Founded and led a 14-employee company generating a peak of $4.7 million in annual sales. 
  • Responsible for residential construction projects for over 150 new single-family homes.
  • Managed the complete project including bidding, design, scheduling, purchasing, subcontracting, and customer service.
  •  Scheduled subcontractor activities and oversaw multiple subcontractors to ensure construction projects were completed on time and within budget.
  • Developed, marketed and sold residential real estate by establishing affiliations with CDE Group, A-1Bank, Top Realty, and Best Realty.


DMS, MS Office, Spreadsheet Software, ORACLE


Any University, Any City, Any State
Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration

Resume Format - Experienced IT or Software Professional

The resume format of a chronological resume for an experienced IT or software professional is:

  1. Your Contact Information
  2. Objective
  3. Professional Summary
  4. Skills
    • Operating Systems
    • Software Applications
    • Hardware
    • Languages
  5. Work Experience on Reverse Chronological Order
  6. Education

Resume Example - Experienced IT of Software Professional

John Smith
123 Street
Somewhere, Some State 12345
H: 123-456-7890 W: 234-567-8910


To obtain an IT position that utilizes my experience as an IT Manager having responsibility for all aspects of IT including managing staff and departmental budgets.

Professional Summary

IT Manager with over 15 years of IT experience including experience in the areas of LAN and WAN, training and support, telephony, and e-mail and security. Skilled in designing infrastructure and implementing technology to support large user groups, supporting users at corporate headquarters as well as multiple remote locations, and effectively managing $1 million IT budgets as well as IT staff. Proven ability to translate business needs into technology requirements that support the company’s business objectives and to successfully manage all phases of IT projects from needs analysis and requirements definition to vendor selection, implementation, and training.

Technical Skills

Operating Systems: Windows, NT, 2000, and Novell 4.X, 5.X; familiarity with Linux, Unix, and Apple
Applications: Microsoft Office Suite – Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint
Hardware: Compaq servers, IBM servers, HP servers, Gateway servers, building custom PC’s, Netscreen firewall, Cisco routers, hubs, switches, voicemail, phone switches


IT Manager, Some Company, Somewhere, Some State, 2018 – Present.

  • Reporting to the VP of Finance, responsible for all computer and telephony systems for this $30 million widget company at corporate headquarters as well as at 5 remote locations.
  • Assume overall financial accountability for the IT department including developing and managing an annual IT budget of $1 million.
  • Oversee a staff of 3 consisting of a help desk analyst, an operations analyst, and a network administrator in supporting 240 employees across 6 locations in State 1 and State 2.
  • Successfully implemented multiple IT projects ranging from $40K to $100K, provide the technology knowledge and vision to support the company’s business objectives, and evaluate and recommend all software for business processes.

Selected Accomplishments


  • Specified and upgraded all computer equipment from desktop to back-end servers for all locations.
  • Designed and implemented a WAN infrastructure using T1’s and Cisco equipment integrating legacy SCO/Unix systems with the new infrastructure.
  • Integrated NT servers into the network.
  • Implemented a VPN solution via the Internet to enable a secure connection between a remote location and corporate headquarters.
    Involved in day-to-day operation of Novell (4.X/5.X) network in addition to effort to migrate to an all IP network.

Training and Support

  • Implemented computer-based training for Microsoft Office products utilizing Skillvantage by NetG eliminating the need to send users to outside training and providing a means of easily tracking employee progress to the established training requirements.
  • Formed and staffed a centralized help desk for coordination of support services throughout the organization to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of support services.
  • Created and manage standard desktop images for employees based on job function reducing the time required to install appropriate software on a new PC by copying the appropriate image to a new computer’s hard drive instead of loading individual software applications.


  • Reduced customer service man hours by analyzing the types of customer calls, developing a flowchart of the customer call process, evaluating and selecting an Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system to place in the contact path to customer service, and developing a database file of all customers that included customer account number, balance, next delivery, and last posted payment that was refreshed nightly and updated in the IVR system.
  • Successfully implemented the project resulting in a 10-month ROI with a customer usage rate of 7%, significantly above the vendor expected usage rate of 2%, a rate equivalent to having an additional 2 customer service reps on staff.
  • Based on the initial success of the project, enhanced the IVR system further to include accepting credit card payments and adding a complete Spanish language script.
  • Upgraded an automatic call distribution system, implemented call accounting software to track who placed a call and where the call was placed, and manage a Fujitsu 9600 PBX phone system.

E-Mail and Security

  • Designed and implemented an STMP-based mail server and standardized the entire company on Outlook Express including creating an e-mail domain and managing users.
  • Migrated to Internet standard messaging and installed T1 connectivity to the Internet.
    Selected and implemented content scanning software, Content Technologies’ Mailsweeper, to protect company assets and minimize exposure.

Supervisor of LAN Applications, ABC Company, Anywhere, Any State, 2014 – 2017.

  • Reporting to the Manager of Computer Operations, managed a staff of 2 in supporting both corporate headquarters and a 24/7 XYZ operation.
  • Designed and implemented a help desk to serve the needs of 600 employees.
  • Handled second-level support of LAN and WAN issues for the company.
  • Performed daily Novell administrative tasks including adding and deleting users, setting up shared areas, controlling data access, and managing print queues.
    Trained users and administered e-mail for the entire company.
  • Established and maintained productivity training of end users and supported all shrink-wrapped software applications including Paradox, GroupWise, WordPerfect, and Lotus 123.

Information System Manager, The AAA Company, Anywhere, Any State, 2010 – 2014.

  • Reporting to the Controller, oversaw all aspects of IT for this financial services office.
  • Managed the migration from an IBM System 34 to a PC-based Novell LAN.
  • Installed and supported LAN’s in New York and Chicago training and supporting users in the new environment.


State University
BA in Financial Computer Systems

Resume Format - Recent College Graduate

The resume format of a chronological resume for a recent college graduate with little, if any, related work experience is:

  1. Your Contact Information
  2. Objective
  3. Education, include GPA if 3.0 or above
  4. Key Courses and Projects
  5. Work Experience in Reverse Chronological Order
  6. Skills

Resume Example - Recent College Graduate​​

John Smith
123 Street
Somewhere, Some State 12345
H: 123-456-7890 W: 234-567-8910


To obtain a marketing position that utilizes my experience with conducting market research and developing marketing plans as well as my Bachelor of Science in Marketing.


University of Wisconsin, School of Business, Madison, WI
Bachelor of Science in Marketing, June 2022 Anticipated Graduation Date

Selected Coursework:

  • Market Research
  • Buyer Behavior
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing of Services
  • Marketing Management

Key Marketing Projects:

Market Research Project, XYZ Corporation

  • Participated on a team developing a market research proposal by defining appropriate methods for conducting market research, designing and developing questionnaires, gathering and compiling data, and presenting market research results.

 Marketing Plan Development Project, ABC Corporation

  • Worked with this start-up company to develop its marketing plan including conducting primary and secondary market research, developing marketing strategies, establishing a marketing budget, generating a marketing action plan, and setting up a monitoring system to track plan progress.

Buyer Behavior Project, ACME

  • Analyzed the company’s brand positioning, collected marketing data about ACME and its competitors, interviewed the company’s Director of Marketing Services, and submitted a written report detailing recommendations to ACME.


Job Title, Some Company, Somewhere, Some State, 2021 – Present.

  • Include 2-4 bullets per job summarizing your work experience that is unrelated to your desired target position that you gained while you were a student.
  • Highlight transferable skills, if possible.


WordPress, MailChimp, Zoho CRM, PowerPoint

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