Can I see an executive recruiter cover letter example?


Executive Recruiter Cover Letter Format

There is unique information that you need to include in a cover letter to an executive recruiter that you wouldn’t provide in your cover letter to an employer.

If you are submitting your resume to a recruiter without there being a specific job posting you’re applying for, you want to provide additional details to help you be properly added to their database of candidates.

By doing this, you can increase the odds that you will be at the top of the candidate list in a database search they perform when they are sourcing candidates for all positions you would be qualified for.

To be properly added to their candidate database, include a list of job titles your are qualified for in your executive recruiter cover letter.

Use the job posting aggregator to help you build this list of job titles.

In addition to providing a list of job titles, also include your desired geography as well as your desired salary range.

Review the recruiter cover letter example below to see how to include job titles, geography, and salary range into the letter.

How to Determine Your Desired Salary

Recruiter Cover Letter Example

Jane Doe
123 Any Avenue
Any City, Any State 12345
H: 123-456-7890
W: 987-654-3210

December 14, 2019

Recruiter Company Name
Attn: (If to a specific person)
Recruiter Address
Recruiter City, State Zip Code

To Whom It May Concern:

I am looking for a new opportunity where I can utilize my financial analysis experience in a dynamic environment. Titles of positions for which I’m qualified include:


[Text Here Same as for Employer Cover Letter Paragraphs 2-4]

I am looking for an opportunity in the Phoenix area. My desired annual compensation is $80,000 – $90,000. I would be pleased to discuss my qualifications with you in more detail in the event that you have a client needing someone with my credentials.

My resume is attached. It will provide you with further details regarding my background. I would appreciate you treating this matter in strict confidence. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jane Doe


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