Can I see a reference list example?


Why You Need a Reference List

Employers will review your resume and interview you to see if you are a good fit both in terms your experience and how you would fit in with their organization’s culture.
If you pass those hurdles, it means you are likely among the final candidates being considered for a position.
A potential employer will then likely ask you for your references. They may or may not contact your references, but you need to have your Reference List typed up and ready to provide them in either case.
Any delay in your ability to provide a potential employer with your list of references will put doubt in their mind about you.  You don’t want that to happen, so be prepared!
You will want your Reference List to include three or four references. 
You can include personal references if you don’t have enough professional references, but you should plan on including references who can speak to their experience working with you or your experience working for them.
Bring hard copies of your Reference List to your interview to be able to provide it to employers who ask for it.
Ask each reference for permission to use them as a reference, confirm their contact information, and contact them to give them a head-up each time an employer asks for you Reference List so they are prepared.
Here’s a useful resource to help you determine who to ask to be references:

Reference List

Steve Smith
123 Street
Portland, Oregon 12345


John Doe
Former Manager at ABC Company
Director of Marketing
ABC Company
456 Street
Portland, Oregon 12345
H: 123-456-7890
W: 234-567-1000

Sue Jones
Former Coworker at XYZ Company
Marketing Manager
XYZ Company
789 South Street
Cleveland, OH 45677
H: 567-123-4567
W: 567-234-5678

Doug Johnson
Former Manager at Acme, Inc.
V.P. of Sales
Acme, Inc.
1514 Morgan Ave.
Cleveland, OH 45677
H: 789-123-4567
W: 789-234-2344

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