Checklist for Evaluating Outplacement Providers

In today’s world, organizations may need to reduce headcount to remain competitive.

Outplacement services help employees that are downsized due to a layoff or  reduction in force (RIF) to effectively market themselves to find a new job.

Outplacement is often included as part of a standard severance package, but outplacement programs can vary greatly from provider to provider in terms of costs as well as services provided.

Human Resources professionals need a means to quickly and effectively evaluate different program options to provide a recommendation to executive management that meets both the needs of the organization and the separated employees.

Have you been tasked with researching outplacement provider options?

There are many factors to consider when selecting an outplacement provider for your company, and it can be difficult to compare each outplacement provider’s services:

  • Budget constraints may mean high-cost outplacement providers like Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH) or Right Management aren’t practical options for your organization. 
  • You may not want to commit to an exclusive, binding arrangement with a provider, and may not have the volume of employees needed to obtain “best” pricing.
  • You may need to address the needs of a disperse, home-based workforce that would prefer remote 24/7 access to outplacement services over an old-school traditional onsite classroom approach of LHH.
  • Although your workforce is home-based, you may still want to provide one-on-one personalized career coaching support rather than a strictly self-serve online option.
  • You may want to take the pressure off your separated employees by selecting an outplacement program that includes having a resume and cover letter written for them rather than them needing to create their own resume through a canned online tool.

Request Our Checklist for Evaluating Outplacement Providers

As an Human Resources professional, you will likely be faced with needing a way to effectively compare various firms quickly to provide your recommend to executive management prior to a downsizing event. 

Our Outplacement Provider Evaluation Checklist is a tool you can use to compare providers.

It includes key factors to consider when evaluating outplacement providers in each of these key areas:

        • Cost
        • Approach
        • Services
        • Scope


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