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Checklist for Evaluating Outplacement Providers
Tips for Creating an Effective Resume
Example of an Effective Resume
Customize Your Resume to a Particular Job Posting
Why You Should Have a Cover Letter when Applying for Jobs
What to Include in Your Cover Letter
Cover Letter Example
Here’s How Long Your Job Search Will Take
Here’s How Most Job Seekers Found Their Last Job
Maximize the Number of Quality Job Opportunities You Target
How to best utilize job posting sites in your job search
How to best utilize LinkedIn in your job search
How to use Indeed in your job search
How to find job opportunities with the federal government
Where to find nonprofit job opportunities
The role executive recruiters play in your job search
The ideal candidate for executive recruiters
An important interview that isn’t with an employer
How to reach out to executive recruiters
What you should include in your cover letter to executive recruiters
See an example of a cover letter to an executive recruiter or headhunter
Forward your resume and cover letter to executive recruiters
Tracking Your Job Search Progress
How to determine your desired salary to prepare for the HR phone screen interview
Questions you should expect during an interview
What is a behavior-based interview?
Who you should ask to be a reference or provide a letter of recommendation
See an example of a reference list
What should be included in a letter of recommendation
What you should include in your interview thank you letter
See an example of an interview thank you letter
Job Search Resources: Resumes, Cover Letters, Interview Prep & More
Resources for Beginning Your Job Search
Resources for Working with Executive Recruiters


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