How to be an Ideal Candidate for Executive Recruiters


Ideal candidate for an executive recruiter

An executive recruiter ideally wants to present candidates that meet all of the client company’s requirements to:

  • demonstrate to the client company that they provide value
  • earn their fees by successfully placing a candidate in the position

If their client wants to only meet with candidates with MBA’s and 5+ years of medical device experience, and you lack an MBA and don’t have any experience in the medical device industry, it’s unlikely that an executive recruiter would present you to their client.

You will have the most success with an executive recruiter if you are looking for:

  • the same type of position that you last held
  • a position in the same industry
  • positions where you possess the level of education that client companies require for that type of position
  • positions where your salary range matches that of the position they sourcing candidates for
  • positions that don’t require you to relocate
  • you are currently employed, or have recently been separated from employment
  • you can provide a reference list, and letters of recommendation

Other ways to increase your success with executive recruiters

In addition having the ideal experience and education background the headhunter’s client is looking for, here are other ways you can increase your success with executive recruiters:

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