How do I track my job search progress?


If you’ve started applying for positions, you’ve likely come to realize how quickly you can begin to feel overwhelmed and how easy it is to lose track of the details about particular job opportunities. You’ll likely see the benefit of using a system to track your job search progress. If you’re just beginning to apply for positions, you can start out on the right foot by implementing a job search tracking system.

We’ve created a Job Search Tracking Sheet to help you track each position you apply for throughout your job search. To download this Job Search Tracking Sheet in the form of a Word file, click on the following link:

Download Job Search Tracking Sheet

After you’ve clicked on the link, the download for the Job Search Tracking Sheet should begin automatically. If the download does not begin automatically, but instead the file opens in a popup box, then you should save the file to your computer as you would any other Word document.

In addition to filling in the information for each job lead on the tracking sheet, be sure to print a hard copy of the job posting itself for future reference. Keep these job postings in a file folder you can access as needed.

As you move forward with your job search, use this Job Search Tracking Sheet to assess which lead sources are yielding the best results. Adjust the time you invest with each lead source based on the effectiveness of each source.


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