What should I include in my cover letter?


Here is a recommended format for your cover letter:

  • In the 1st paragraph, indicate the job you are applying for and where you saw the opportunity
  • In the 2nd paragraph, briefly show you are qualified for the position by mentioning relevant work experience
  • Determine what is relevant by reviewing the requirements for the position your are seeking and highlighting the requirements you meet
  • In the 3rd paragraph, briefly show that you are further qualified for the position, mentioning relevant educational background
  • Determine what is relevant by reviewing the educational requirements for the position you are seeking and highlighting those that you meet
  • Another alternative would be to present the information in paragraphs two and three in a bulleted format instead
  • In the 4th paragraph, briefly talk about your strengths as a person, such as your ability to work autonomously, your attention to detail, or any personal strengths that set you apart from others
  • In the final paragraph, mention that your resume is enclosed or attached and that it will provide further details regarding your background
  • Close with a statement about how you look forward to hearing from the potential employer soon
  • Include your signature with your name typed below it
  • In a cover letter to an executive recruiter or headhunter, you should also include your job titles of interest, your desired salary range, and your geographic locations of interest


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