What should I include in an executive recruiter cover letter?


Executive Recruiter Cover Letter

You can use the cover letter you created to submit to employers regarding job postings as a starting point for creating your Executive Recruiter Cover Letter.

Once you have created a list of executive recruiters to forward your resume to, you’ll need to modify the cover letter you use with employers to include the information a recruiter needs to be able to include you in their database of candidates:

  • A list of suggested target job titles
  • Your target geography in terms of where the position would be located
  • Your desired salary range

    Creating a List of Target Job Titles

    Different employers can use different job titles for positions having the same responsibilities such as Client Services and Customer Service.

    You’ll want to research variations to your target job title by using a site like Indeed.com to help you create your list of suggested job titles to include in your Executive Recruiter Cover Letter.

    Your Target Geography

    If you’re wanting to relocate, you’ll want to include a list of areas you’re opening to relocating to in your cover letter to executive recruiters.

    You’ll also need to be prepared to discuss with an executive recruiter whether you will need relocation costs to be provided by the employer or not.

    Your Desired Salary Range

    You’ll want to research salary information for your target position to help you determine your desired salary range that you’ll include in the cover letter you email to headhunters.

    If you are interested in relocating, keep in mind that salary ranges for the same position in different regions of the country can vary.

    Instead of providing a fixed number for your desired salary such as $75,000, use a range to avoid boxing yourself in when negotiating salary should you receive a job offer.

    Here’s a resource to help you with your salary research:

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